Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bottega Veneta Scarab Beetle Jewelry

Remember Bottega Veneta's gorgeous Fall 2010 collection featuring all that fab scarab beetle jewelry? 
Wowza!  Well, some pieces from this collection are available now and they do not disappoint, I adore the necklace (of course it's the same price as some monthly mortgage payments).  I hope this trend will trickle down quickly to something in my price range!  Check them out!
Bottega Veneta at ShopStyle

Bottega Veneta at ShopStyle

*Fun fact about me, I worked for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division (I think it's called) specifically the Insect Museum, when I was in college (thanks to my BFF's dad!).  I helped to label and spruce up the insect drawers among other things.  Sounds creepy, but it was actually really cool.  There are some amazing moths and other colorful insects.  If you take out the fact you are looking at dead bugs and just concentrate on the colors, textures and patterns it's quite inspiring.  The only drawer I told them I couldn't touch or barely look at was the cockroach drawer, they are my most ick inducing creature.  I'm having to get over that living down here in Georgia with the monster wood roaches you encounter out and occasionally in your home *shudder*.  Here's a post I did almost a year ago about my encounter with a scorpion in my kitchen - now THAT was scary!
Runway image via Style.com


  1. Yes yes YES. I am having a major love affair with scarab jewelry lately. Scored one of my favorite necklaces a few months back at a garage sale, and I NEED a giant scarab ring or cuff or belt or SOMETHING else. Need like a hole in my head...

    Ah well...


  2. I've also been following Bottega Veneta's Fall scarab collection -- both the jewelry and handbags. I keep hearing vintage originals are around at flea markets and garage sales -- hope to find one myself someday!


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