Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Take: Tori Spelling

This "my take" is a sort of special dedication to the super adorable Kristin from the BonBon Rose Girls who actually got to meet Tori at a book signing last week.  It was funny because I read her post and a couple of days later saw this photo of Tori in an outfit I wanted to try and recreate.  And not just because of Tori (though I do love her), but because of how simple, fun and chic it is, and hello?  Yellow - again!  It's like I'm trying to brainwash everyone with yellow, I swear I'm not!

Tori image via Day Old News


  1. 1. I heart you. 2. I heart Tori. 3. I heart those shoes!!!

  2. Great recreation! I love Tori's books and her show!

  3. I love this look... it's proof that a great outfit doesn't need to be complicated or over-thought.


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