Monday, July 26, 2010

My Take: Milly Spring 2010

I'm going to reach into the archives with this one, it's from Milly's Spring 2010 collection (my post here). 

The color combination is what makes the look for me, there are quite a few colors happening, but they aren't jarring.  Instead they are the same tone and a bit greyed out.  It's a very comfortable color palette and honestly it would be one I would have pulled for fabric inspiration (in my previous work). 

Anyway, I did two variations on the look.  First up, the Spring/Summer look with shorts and a cardi for cool nights (which I'm having a hard time remembering seeing that last night at 9:30pm it was 88 degrees here - LOL!):

The next is more of a Fall version (yep, we are going there.  It is August after all, it's right around the corner).  And I just had to toss in a leopard shoe, which is so perfect with a look like this.

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  1. I love the colors in this look too. Your take is gorgeous! I love that purple cardi!


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