Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Take: Bethenny Frankel errand running Mommy

I'm a totally unashamed fan of Bethenny, I loved her on The Real Housewives of New York City and her new show is my guilty Summer pleasure.  I decided to do a "my take" because I really love how this outfit perfectly sums up Summer - white, crisp, relaxed (but pulled together) with pops of color from the bags!  I gotta love her toting around a bag of Pampers and a Hermes Birkin (woman after my own heart). 
Use the pink tote as an extra bag - roll it up and tuck it in the purse when you don't need it - or stow it in the car for times when an extra bag comes in handy (hello, kiddos!).  The blue purse is totally on trend for fall and really versatile!

Bethenny image via People Magazine


  1. I LIKE!!! :) Oh and I am in love with the Housewives shows and Bethenny's new show too!! I'm a major reality TV junkie...which my husband HATES! ;)

  2. I'm a freak of nature & do not watch Housewives of NYC. Took in the Orange Co. version for awhile but swear it raised my BP. Much like watching Sweet 16 with the spoiled, nasty, brats. Housewives are just the grown-up version!
    You conquered this outfit perfectly, right down to the T. Bethany is one chic mommy, pampers & all. She has nothing on you however Jenny xxoo

  3. This is totally how I look running around the big apple.

    NOT! God bless her.

    *my* take would have to have a big spit up spot on the shoulder to make it authentic.

    I'm loving your takes Jenny. Great job chica.


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