Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Weekend, Announcements and Various Couture Fall 2010

First of all I hope you all have a great weekend.  I've made my week a little miserable by spending too much energy obsessing thinking about our "still-on-the-market-after-17- months" house.  It's making me nuts people, I'm ready to feel settled.  I must build a bridge and get over it.

As for August and the blog, I'm going to cut down to one post a day for the month.  I'm giving myself a little break from two posts a day so I can enjoy the end of Summer (plus August is a little slow in Fashion-land, sort of the calm before the September fashion show storms).  I'm also going to try out a new series next Wednesday called "Uniform Dressing".  Basically it's going to address the issue of having a sort of "uniform" that you may go to time and time again.  I'm so guilty of this, you don't even know.  My husband makes fun of me - pants and t-shirt, pants and t-shirt.  And it's gotten out of hand since becoming a Mom.  So it's for me and you - LOL!  It's not about abandoning the "uniform", but more about embracing it.  Come back on Wednesday and see what I mean.   I'm also working on a new mission statement since I've moved away from the blog's original concept, more on that in a couple of weeks.

Okay, back to it.  To finish up my week-long Fall 2010 Couture roundup, I'm going to cover a couple of additional shows that I just liked a few looks from.  First up, the super detailed Givenchy:

No one will look past you wearing one of these showstoppers!

And finally Valentino, where everything was super-duper short and sassy - nice!

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  1. can't wait to see what you have in store for us with a new series! Funny you mention your "Mission Statement" - I am working on a post devoted to Mission Statements for blogging bits on Sunday!

  2. I totally have a "uniform" too--mostly for work. Those Givenchy dresses are heartstopping and I love the mod glam at Valentino. Happy weekend!

  3. I realllllly hope we get to see the gold Givenchy on the red carpet!

  4. Loving the uniform post curious about this!


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