Monday, July 5, 2010

Favorite Post - I want this! - a trench with orange buttons

I’m currently on a family vacation - it’s actually more of a “staycation” with a few little jaunts here and there. So for this week, I decided to repost some of my favorite blog entries from the past. I’m sort of guest posting for myself – ha! If you are a long time reader, you may remember these, if not it’ll be like all new stuff! Either way, I hope you find them interesting and fun! See you back on 7/12!

I love when I spot a trend that you can incorporate into your life right now, perhaps with items of clothing that are already in your closet (and you can modify easily for a quick update).  This was one of those times.  Still loving it!  Originally posted 2/8/10:
I've noticed a small trend going on - trench coats with orange buttons - and I love 'em! 

The good thing about this look (if you like it) is that you can either take the trench you already have (or just get an inexpensive one), hunt down some orange buttons and switch them out.

These I found online at M&J Trimming.

Hmmmm.  Turquoise buttons would look pretty nice too, or kelly green ones, the list goes on and on.  What do you think?

Images (from top to bottom) via The Outnet,, M&J Trimming

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  1. I think changing the buttons would be a totally great way to revamp a coat you already have! Love the orange.


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