Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who thought this was a good idea?

I got this lovely email in my inbox this morning:

Funny thing is, I was at Target Monday morning (buying diapers for the little one) and saw these on the shelf and about upchucked.  Yes, diapers printed to look like jeans.  This is my opinion, but I think they are just about the ugliest things I have seen.  I know it's hot in the summer, but how hard is it to throw a pair of shorts or bloomers on a kid?  Do we need to encourage diapers as outerwear in public (because you know people will just think these replace pants).  And Target, really I expect more from you.  Tacky!  What do you think?  Am I overreacting?


  1. Honey, this is the South! Diapers ARE outerwear!
    And yes, I think it is highly (lowly?) tacky and quite lazy. Put some cute ruffled bloomers on your little girl and put some cute little oshkosh overalls on your little boy. Shirts are optional! When mine was tiny, he had these cute cotton short rompers that covered his belly and had the little crotch snaps so diaper changing iwas quite easy.

  2. UHHH! I saw another blogger reviewing these and she actually thought they were cute for her little one. I'm with you. Puh-lease!

  3. Shut up. This cannot be real.

  4. I saw these advertised and thought it was about the dumbest thing I'd ever seen. They're probably more expensive, too.


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