Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little inspiration...

I've been catching up on my magazines and tear sheets lately for a project I'm working on.  I pulled these images from the December 2009 issue of Interior Design for no other reason than I found them fascinating.  They were part of their "In The Air" piece about changes in 2009's design and art (see entire slideshow here).  Enjoy!
BALL-NOGUES STUDIO A photograph of Maximilian's Schell, shown with Feathered Edge: A New Installation by Ball-Nogues Studio at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Photography: Neil Cochran/Ball-Nogues Studio.

FERRY STAVERMAN Space Odesey in cardboard, thread, paint, and glue for "Slash: Paper Under the Knife" at New York's Museum of Arts and Design. Photography: courtesy of the artist.

CHARACTER A 2-foot-tall signage letter salvaged and fitted with LEDs. Photography: Johan Warden.

Images via Interior Design

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  1. I love the FERRY STAVERMAN Space Odesey in cardboard!!!they would be so beautiful to decorate


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