Thursday, February 25, 2010

Okay this post is a little late...but still timely!

I meant to do this post right after Christmas, but well, when I uploaded the pictures I accidentally filed them in one of my (many, many) daughter's photo folders on the computer.  I just ran across them today - duh.

My Mom gave me these awesome vintage necklaces for Christmas and I thought I would share.  I LOVE them and the fact that she paid less than $15 per necklace makes them that much cooler (yeah, she got such a deal she had to share the price with me and I was totally impressed).  The pictures make them sort of hard to see (my awesome camera skillz are to blame too).  They have quickly become my go-to pieces now. 
This one is a long (can be doubled) chain with these little diamond fringe-like pieces hanging from it - lots of sparkle and movement.

A Hamilton watch on a necklace (unfortunately it doesn't work) - the watch pendant is round and you can see the movement on the reverse.  Love this because I wear a Hamilton wristwatch. 

Amber chunks on a chain.  It's bold yet subtle at the same time (if that makes sense).

Images via Moi

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