Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get This! - O Magazine March 2010

One of my best friends got me a subscription to O Magazine for my birthday last year and I have really enjoyed it.  Every issue is chock full of good info, but March's issue is outstanding.  It's all about de-cluttering your life and it's worth picking up.  I'm sort of an organizational geek so it really appealed to me.  Here are a couple of things that I liked from the issue that I thought I would share:

First off, organizational guru Peter Walsh helps a young professional photographer organize her office (which is in her living room).  In the contributors section in the front of the issue, Peter says something that really hit home with me about being organized " parents taught us to take care of the things we did have - to respect our possessions.  I was always an organized kid, but I think respect is the basis for the work I do."  This is something I firmly believe too.

Then there is an editorial about Spring's Best, Most Wearable Trends.  Here are some of my favorite images:
The Glitzy Tank - Isaac Mizrahi
The Utility Jacket - J Crew's Jenna Lyons (I'm more taken by the girl coming through the door - the one in the front - with the heels and checked button down and then the yellow bag on the far right - LOVE)

The Spicy Palette - O Magazine's Creative Director Adam Glassman

Images via O Magazine photographed by Roger Neve

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