Monday, February 1, 2010

Elie Saab - Couture Spring 2010

He designs extraordinary dresses that scream "red carpet", this collection is no exception. However the colors are so muted, with occasional blues and greys to break it up (along with some washed out prints), but the pinks, nudes and creams were too pale for my liking. You couldn't tell where the skin and dress met, which is weird to me. Not to say there weren't some stunners (clearly I posted a lot of pictures), but overall it didn't scream "Couture" and probably could have been edited down, which would have made the collection tighter. Anyhoo, off my soapbox and on to my picks:

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  1. Now if only I had an event worthy of one of these gowns...

  2. Actually, I'm laughing b/c I just bought a dress on sale at Motherhood Maternity of $14.99 to wear for my baby shower!

    It's not quite Elie-licious but it'll do.

  3. Ah, Motherhood Maternity, let me tell you I still wear a t-shirt from there - yeah, it's long and fitted and looks great. I should buy my shirts there all the time :o) I wish I had an event worth of one of these myself....


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