Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christian Dior - Couture Spring 2010

Oh, how I love a Dior Couture show (see here and here).  Such fantasy and over-the-topness (is that a term?), John Galliano never ceases to amaze me.  How I would love to, just once, put on a Dior Haute Couture ballgown.  Dare to dream.  Here are my favorites from the Spring 2010 Couture (make a mental note of the colors): 

The dress above totally stirred a memory of a dress in the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute that I have seen:

Am I right?!  The skirt part is very similar.  The little blurb on Style.com said that Galliano visited the Costume Institute for research.  He loves to pay tribute to Monsieur Dior, while making it modern, which is lovely.  Valentino's new design team should take notes!

Images via Style.com and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (last image)


  1. A bit scary, but gorgeous at the same time.

  2. Kelly Cutrone just tweeted (in all caps) that this collection was a total Vivian Westwood knock off.

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