Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chanel - Couture Spring 2010 - details

What fascinates me about the Haute Couture is the painstaking attention to detail and construction that makes these clothes so extraordinary (and expensive).  So I like to look at the details (well, look at pictures of the details, 'cause that's as close as I'm getting for now).  I like how something can look so simple from far away, but when you really get close and start inspecting, you may find the most technical construction or complicated detail.  That's what's exciting to me.  So here are some detail shots from Chanel that I felt embodied this:

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  1. Each piece would truly be a work of art. It's like wearing a masterpiece. Call me silly, but Chanel can do no wrong in my eyes.

    Hope all is well with the whole family and no illnesses for a wee while. Before you know it, we'll all be writing about Spring being here!
    xx deb


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