Monday, November 23, 2009

Magazine wall, so cool!

I totally love this.  Glenn Leitch principal at Highland Associates renovated Playboy's (soon to be shuttered) midtown Manhattan office.  Check out the "magazine wall" in the reception area - which Glenn credits with getting them hired to do the job - made up of 15,000 Playboy magazines.  They were glued and stapled into 14-inch-high blocks, then routed to create tongue-and-groove connections and further supported by hidden steel tubes (see article and more photos of the office here).  I love that how when you just glance at it it seems like a painting (or some other sort of art) or even a quilt.  Completely awesome!

Images via Interior Design photographer Eric Laignel

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  1. That is VERY cool. I'm always trying to think of ways to use books and book jackets as "art" -- hadn't thought to turn magazines into bricks. Love it!


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