Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kate Walsh's home in InStyle

Featured in November's InStyle magazine, there is something about Kate Walsh's home that really intrigued me.  It's not totally my style, but I love elements here and there.  Kate (should I call her that? Sure, why not?) loved her character's bedroom on Private Practice so much that she recruited the set decorator, Melissa Levander, to decorate and furnish this house.  I'm particurally drawn to the bedroom (it's the tiny picture on the top left, sorry about that).  I love the warm neutrals and the midcentury yet sort of modern vibe and lots of textures that are pleasant. 

*note, I may be a complete dunderhead, but I can't find the darn spell check on this "new" blogger posting layout.  Please excuse my spelling, I try and check but I'm not sure I'm getting every word.  Does anyone know where the darn spell check is?  Good grief...

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  1. Hubby is the set decorator on Ghost Whisperer and he always complains that Private Practice tags stuff he wants for his sets in the prop houses. Melissa Levander better just watch it! LOL!

  2. I really like this house a lot. Elegant but relaxed.


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