Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home Shopping Fun! - Grayce by Molly Sims

Grayce is a new jewelry collection on HSN designed by Molly Sims (actress, former model).  The collection is inspired, in part, by her mother's vintage jewelry.  She's profiled in November's InStyle as their "Celebrity Designer" too, if you want to check it out.

The collection isn't really me, but here are a few interesting pieces that I thought I would share:

"Grayceful Glamour" cuff bracelet - $89.95 (this would be my one pick from the whole collection)

Images via (top) and (the rest) HSN


  1. I have to force myself to put on jewelry I am that lame. I love Molly & that cuff is stellar. Thanks for sharing Dobbygirl! Happy Thursday to you xx

  2. I'm really digging the lovely layer one.


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