Monday, September 21, 2009

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2010

I couldn't pull off anything from Vivienne Westwood if I wanted too, I am not that girl. However, here are three looks I liked from her Spring 2010 show:

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  1. I've washed my hands of dear Viv.

    I purchased a handbag at her store in NYC (at full price I might add) and within 1 1/2yrs. the, what I assumed was leather, lining started to disintegrate. A $800- bag and it was pleather! It literally started to crumble away like sandy powder from the fabric backing. The hardware tarnished dark black to the point that I couldn't even polish it back anymore. I brought it back to the store and they accused me of storing it in an "unstable" environment.

    I said Unstable? I keep it in the protective bag, stuffed with acid free tissue and in a wardrobe drawer that's in a spare bedroom with central heat and air so it's never gotten to hot or too cold (not that that SHOULD matter). I also told them not one of my other designer bags had ever done this. They said that since they couldn't know if I'd done something to cause it there was nothing they could do.

    I'd used it maybe 4 times. So figure every time I wore it it cost me $200- Fuck you Viv!

    Never again.


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