Sunday, July 5, 2009

Road trip!

A couple of weeks ago when my Mom was in town we decided to do a day trip to Atlanta. I really only live about 30-40 miles away, but I avoid, avoid, avoid like the plague. I hate driving in Atlanta, HATE it, I would rather drive in DC on the Beltway in rush hour traffic than navigate that mess through downtown Atlanta. But alas, I decided to go for it. So with Mom and 1 year old daughter in the car we set off - the goal - to visit Beehive Co-op. It's a great store, sort of like a brick and mortar Etsy with really great local designers. And it did not disappoint! The shop is beautiful, vibrant and chock full of goodies. I could have seriously done some damage, but we all know I'm on "lock down" until we move. I did sneak away with a very cute bag from Bella Bee:Here is a list of the designers - and a few of my favorites besides Bella Bee.

Alejandra Dunphy
Christina Kober
Fotini Designs

It was worth the trip and I would recommend a stop if you are ever in Atlanta. They also have another shop in Mt. Kisco, NY (Westchester). Hopefully more franchises will pop up in other cities. And yes, the 1 year old and my Mom both behaved themselves!

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