Friday, July 17, 2009

A much needed break!

This weekend I am headed up to Chicago to visit the family for a week. Mercifully getting out of this house for a while. We fly up Sunday, I'm extremely nervous about travelling with the 1 year old and how she's going to behave (or not). She's not the quietest child around, wonder where she gets that from? I'll be a little light on the postings next week so bear with me. I'm going to try and get some in (using my Dad's super new Mac Book Pro - awesome) but forgive me if they are sparse. I'll be back to normal speed Tuesday 7/28. Have a great next week!

Image from my 12/05 visit - looking towards the city from Navy Pier. And yes that's ice in Lake Michigan brrrrr.

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  1. Hope the flight went well with your wee one? Isn't a Mac book Pro like driving a Mercedes?!! My son Matt has one & when my fingers hit the keyboard It was euphoric.ha!

    Enjoy your time in Chicago & your family. :D deb


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