Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm back!

Yep, made it back in one piece. Travel was interesting, my child apparently has decided on no more sleeping in the car now. And the only way we got a semi-peaceful flight was to feed her continuously while playing a SpongeBob DVD. Yeah, it was like that. I also made note of the looks on people's faces when they figured out that we were on their flight. Ah, I never knew such contempt. In fact, on one of our train rides to and from downtown Chicago some guy gave us such bad looks, I wanted to smack him (did I mention that he was reading the Bible at the time? Maybe it was a different Bible than the one I read). It was a learning experience for this first time Mom. My hat goes off to those who wrangle more than one little one, my nerves are fried from just the one. So now back to "normal" and my regular postings. Stay tuned!

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