Thursday, July 30, 2009

I want this!

Say what you will about Pottery Barn (generic, unimaginative, boring, overpriced, etc), I'm right there with you. I usually flip through the catalog in about 30 seconds, yawn and throw it in the recycling bin. However, this time something caught my eye and has now become an obsession. May I introduce you to the "Daily System":

I love this! You can mix and match components to suit your needs. I love the recharge station for all the gadgets. I'm an organizational junkie, I love organizing and finding new things to help me organize (or at least FEEL organized). This fits the bill. I want one system for the office and another for the kitchen. It's available in white, black and espresso (I'm partial to the white).
Okay, Pottery Barn you have been given a second chance. Do more stuff like this!

Images via Pottery Barn

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